General recipe development

  • Violetta artichoke
  • Artichoke, mozzarella, bacon, red wine sauce
  • Artichoke pesto with orecchiete
  • Grilled artichokes from a tin
  • Californian salad
  • Artichoke vinaigrette
  • carciofi alla giudia

Goodness! What a lot of oil…

I have always wanted to deep fry artichokes in the Jewish style – or carciofi alla giudia. I’ve resisted the temptation due to the amount of oil involved – but also because I wasn’t sure I’d get a better result than simply boiling the artichokes. However, on the River Cafe online video channel, a young female chef talks through the process. Her presentation was so straightforward – it looked dead easy. So I persevered – and was well rewarded.

The authentic recipe – and River Cafe’s – uses larger artichokes. The recipe also works using smaller artichokes – which might be more practical for the home cook. (I once had some wonderful small violetta artichokes cooked in this style at the Barrafina in Frith Street, London).

However, if you happen to have a a gallon or so of vegetable oil and some big artichokes, this will make a delicious alternative to the classic artichoke vinaigrette recipe.